Finance Job Opportunities in USA for Nigerian Students

Finance Job Opportunities in USA for Nigerian Students

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Finance job opportunities in USA for Nigerian students include roles as diverse as investment banker, accountant, actuary, portfolio manager, quantitative analyst, securities trader, and so on. The good news is that finance graduates have very good prospects to secure their careers in the USA. As the society we live in is ever-changing and evolving, certain attributing features which make up the essence of the various facets of our life must also change and evolve; including work. Many things pertaining to work and getting a job have evolved from what they used to be some years back.

In earlier years, getting a job in a foreign country was mostly a thing to just dream of as a student except you had better connections and you may most likely land the job only after the school programme. But these
days, not only is it easy to get your hands on the game of any profession you want as a student, the internet has made it possible to access jobs from many countries around the world. And to make matters even better, remote work is becoming more of an option ever since the pandemic has made it clear that some things clearly do not require your presence at the office, as far as you deliver as and when due. So on this episode of getting a job, we’ll be looking at finance job opportunities in the USA for Nigerian students.

First of all, it is important to mention that getting any job of your choice is largely possible these days if you do a proper guided search online on various websites and on apps like LinkedIn. There are always jobs in search of people who will be competent enough to carry out the tasks required. The question that must therefore be answered is if there are capable people for the jobs on the ground. However, don’t let all
the numerous requirements and ‘ so and so is an additional advantage’ scare you away especially if you think you can excel in that role and on that job. And being brutally honest, finance jobs are in demand in the United States. Not just there, but all over the world. Various companies online are willing to pay and also have interactive training classes with interns and those at entry-level positions for talented and ambitious youths seeking to kick-start their careers.

How to go about it:

As earlier mentioned, there are lots of opportunities out there and being able to position oneself rightly, get the right information, and know how to seize those chances as they come are necessary for landing the desired job you want. Yes, even jobs from America, as a Nigerian student.

One of the first things you should know is that as someone in finance, you should be able to work with numbers, analyse data and draw conclusions from them which apply to the world. It can prove complex but it takes one with the zeal for it to be able to sail through, especially as a student. There’s a tendency that most of the results you search for relating to jobs will require you to be a graduate or have some form of certification or accreditation in order to get the job. If you are working on bagging in some other certifications, good and fine. And if you are not, you really should start considering it. But besides that, your job search will be made a lot easier if you put in keywords like ‘intern’ or ‘entry-level position/job’ wherever you search. Some employers note that an instrumental element which contributes to a growth trajectory for a career in finance involves taking internships during college. This is because internships give you a taste of the reality of the world of work and what a career in finance is like. It also gives you an
edge over your peers and shows that you have what it takes to thrive in the world of work. Therefore, even international students that study in the US choose so because they are looking for access to occupations that will open up a future for them in finance. Usually, those who study finance have an edge and the best set of skills to thrive in that field.

Also, for those thinking of getting a visa, you can find companies that may assist in sponsorship; either in part or full. The top ways to find a visa sponsor in the US are to either:

  • Look for a job on the H1B visa sponsor database. An H1B is a visa under the immigration and nationality act that allows employers in the US to temporarily employ foreign workers in certain occupations.
  • Apply for a job or internship and get the offer.
  • look for global consulting companies.

Some of the largest companies that sponsor H1B visas include Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T, Salesforce, IBM, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Intel, and so on. In order to be able to secure the visa, the company will have to go through a legal process and it will require some documentation and other requirements needed for filing an application for a visa. You can begin with a simple internet search to find companies that sponsor international students also keeping in mind to research the immigration laws. once you find the company that is right for you and the role that suits you, you can write a later of application, send in your CV or also make optimal use of your LinkedIn account to see if there are connections you can make s it is a good way to inquire if you can connect with them.

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